Important Covid-19 Update

We as a business are operating through these unique times and are fully equipped to fulfill and handle all of our commitments to our clients.

We have taken every step necessary to be able to keep our staff protected and would like to make all of our clients aware that we will continue to provide a faultless service and remain available by email, telephone and our online trading platform is still operating at 100%.

Welcome to Multi Fund 10

Multi Fund 10 started its journey as a small investment planning and management firm. Today, while maintaining its traditional corporate culture, the firm has grown and developed into a renowned company, known by its personalized investor-relations and its responsible investment approach.

We have developed our own state of the art novice friendly online trading platform giving our clients access to every single stock exchange in the world, all major cryptocurrency and bond markets from simple browser based user interface

What We Can Offer

Integrated platform

Our platform requires no special software download, just log in and start trading from your browser

Real time support

We are ready to assist you with any advice, guidance or any other support you require. You can contact us anytime

Managed accounts

Sometimes you may not have the time to manage your trading account all on your own, so our team can help

World class analytics

When you trade with us you are able to use the power of our research and analytical department for all future trades

Custom Notifications

We are here to notify you however you like, choose from a variety of messaging options

Fair & balanced advice

Providing accurate information is key and you can always receive fair and researched information from us

“Never in a million years did I think I could become a day trader myself, but now I work from anywhere I want using this online trading platform.”

Our Vision

To become the most widely used investment house for private traders regardless of their investment experience and to support them with our expertise and help them utilize that experience with our online trading platform. Registering with our company is not the end of our relationship but the beginning.

Here Are Some

Over the years while we have been managing wealth for our clients our core values have not changed, however what has changed a lot is the number of clients we have been fortunate to do business with and the amount of transactions we have completed on their behalf.

We know the numbers matter so for all you statisticians out there below is the most recent count of our progress to date. 









Trade Way

Cloud availability

All trades are backed up at all times using the latest technology

Charting Features

Our platform has access to all major exchanges charting information

User dashboard

An easy to use and extremely powerful user interface giving access to multiple markets

Custom coding

No one has a platform like ours, it’s unique

Diverse options

So many settings, but so simple to use

Telephone support

We still have some of the traditional ways of trading